CUtoday.wordpress.com was first launched in March 2009 by then final year Journalism and Media student Jason Craig. The concept was simple in that it would allow student journalists the opportunity to have their work published without hindrance. It was designed as a space for students to freely and professionally express their views. Although directed mainly at journalism students, CUtoday welcomes input from any Coventry University student (Please check out Get Involved page for details).

After taking a break in the summer of 2009, the website was back in business in October 2009, under the editorial and administration of now final year student Marc Johnson. With multiplatform content, comprising text, audio and video, the website has proven extremely popular, given its growing readership.

With a need to evolve, improve and deliver to its audience, CUtoday was redesigned in Spring 2010 by Teodora Beleaga, under whose administration it layed until 21 May 2010.

The editor role of CU Today were then passed to Natasha De Silva and Radina Choleva who carried on the legacy created by their predecessor for almost a year, retiring their role in early March 2011.

Currently, Jon Dudley is the editor of the website. Since taking the reigns from March 2011, he has added an official Twitter and updated the website design. The aim is to continue producing a high standard of articles from Coventry University students and get the website recognised as the quality news service that it is.

CUTODAY is a title that originated from the Coventry University’s Media and Communication Journalism Department in 2005.  The annually published newspaper covers any student related issues, ranging from news, fashion, business, politics and sport to anything and everything.

We hope CUtoday will continue to defy its critics and cement its position as one of the UK’s most successful student website. You can read below testimonials from the editors:

Teodora Beleaga: “I am a second year Journalism and Media student with a view to change the world by improving details where possible. Cutoday, as free as it is now, represents the perfect platform for a student to showcase their work . I am privileged to have played a part in it.”

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this website and all content contained do not necessarily represent those of Coventry University.  This is the work of undergraduate and postgraduate journalism students.  All copyright and other rights that subsist in the home page and in the sub-domain pages of the cutoday.wordpress.com website are owned by the abovementioned.

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