Coventry University – A world of Opportunity

Coventry University prides itself with being one of the top Universities for EU placements in the country. Through various schemes, our students get the opportunity to go all over Europe and all over the world. This involves both placements and course specific trips.

Written by Alex Maidment

Alex Mihalache, a third year journalism and media student has done it all. He has travelled to China and New York as part of his course and he has also been on two placements abroad, to Spain and Cyprus. He explained how he took a: “three week internship in Spain as a language assistant”. With this he taught students as young as eight how to speak English.

Moving to a different continent entirely, he spent seven days in New York, a trip offered through the course where he: “made a television package about 9/11 events.” Something which wouldn’t necessarily pop straight to mind if you were visiting New York, but as a journalism student, Alex really took the opportunity to make something out of it.

Alex also spent fifteen days in China, as Coventry University have links to the Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. This is again, an opportunity offered through the course. His year in Cyprus, however, is something set up through the International Employment and Mobility Service (IEMS) at Coventry University. If you are interested in travelling abroad as part of your University experience, it is well worth checking them out.

Alex explained why he went on these trips and what he got out of them saying: “I’ve always been passionate about travelling and meeting new people.” He went on to explain that he was quite shy when he came to University and these trips have helped him socially. In terms of how the trips helped his learning, he said that: “Going to all of these places helped me think outside the box and broaden my horizons.”

Whilst Alex is lucky enough to have been to all of these places, he just took advantage of all the trips and placements available to him at the University through both his course and the International Employment and Mobility Service (IEMS) at Coventry University. Travelling around the world can help you in many ways, from your own personal experiences to trying to get a job in a few years time. What is clear, is Coventry University are there to help with a huge list of opportunities.

With thanks to Alex Mihalache and the Global Media Project (Formerly International Coventry)

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