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If you have any story suggestions, questions or comments, then please contact us via one of the following email address’:

Alex Maidment- Co-Editor, CU Today:

Leah Freeman- Co-Editor, CU Today:

Cathy Eglington- Co-Editor, CU Today:

Galya Dimitrova- Co-Editor, CU Today:

If you are interested in contributing to CU Today, you can also join our Facebook group! Just search: ‘CU Today Blog’ and join the group!

Alternatively, fill in the comment box below for ease and convenience.

We will endeavour to answer all emails, queries, comments or suggestions within one day of first receiving your message(s).

9 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hi

    I would very much like to contribute to your website as a writer.

    I am currently residing in Switzerland for the summer but I am studying Journalism in London throughout the winter.

    I look forward to your correspondence and if you would like to see my CV do not hesitate to ask.


    John Silk

  2. Graham Linyard

    Do you have a programme for Coventry Conversations post-Easter yet please or is it being discontinued?

    • It will continue as usual, with a major CovCon being planned for June 15th. John Snow and Jeremy Vine hope to be guest speakers. The information will be up as soon as available both here and the website.

  3. Jodie Edwards


    I would love to be apart of the writing team for this website.
    I’m studying English at Coventry University and hope to become a journalist.
    I feel that I have some great ideas and would be an asset to your team.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Jodie, if you could email me on the above email address then I’d be happy to discuss articles you could submit for CU Today. As it stands, CU Today does not have a ‘team’ as such, it’s open to anyone to submit articles through me.

    Thanks, Jon Dudley.

  5. Hey, I am a media production student, going into my second year and would like to get more involved.
    If there is any openings or anything I can contribute too, I would love to be informed.

  6. James

    Please be aware that your news articles (MG at Shanghai) contain spam win an iphone or iPad type banners which encourage users to give their mobile numbers to win the prize they have been selected for. The catch is that there is a £4.66 charge per text sent and no guarantee of any prize, so false advertising and deliberate misleading info.

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