Fashion Department use their skills to help others

Coventry University Fashion students have been hard at work, but not just for the course. Since October, students from all three years have been working on a project for a local charity, Coventry Cyrenians.

The project in hand was to transform counterfeit labelled clothes into a new brand to be sold at a shop, Refreshed Fashion, which is run by the charity. Normally, counterfeit goods in the UK are destroyed in order to protect the brands. However, in this instance the University managed to get their hands on some.

Written by Alex Maidment

The first job was to de-brand the clothes and this involved cutting everything associated with known brands off the clothing. The next task was to think of ideas of what to do with the clothes.

The students then had the biggest job of all, creating the clothes and accessories from the previously counterfeit products to a sellable standard. One Fashion Student explained: “We ‘up-cycled’ them into new garments and accessories to be sold.”

Before the new items could be sent to the shop, the students felt that the clothes needed advertising and they chose to do this at the Coventry Lifestyle event. Some of the Coventry Fashion students were brave enough to model the clothes on the catwalk in front of the people of Coventry.

Second Year Fashion Student, Heather Marshall said: “The whole project involved a lot of dedicated hours but hours which were worth it, both in terms of experience and for helping a charitable cause.”

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