Showing appreciation to Islam

On 16th March, Coventry University and Culturae Mundi will pay tribute to the Muslim world with Islam Awareness Day.

The three-hour programme will aim to enrich the guests with information about the religion. The event will feature call for prayer (Adhan), followed by an introductory talk. There will then be a musical performance and a recitation of Rumi poems. There will also be doing a storytelling session inviting people to talk and mingle.

 By Galya Dimitrova, journalist at Culturae Mundi.

During the food break, which as always will include traditional dishes and desserts, the guests will have the chance to chat with the performers and thus further enhance their knowledge about Islam and the Muslim customs. The whole event will be created in a way to be appealing to those who may have no awareness or knowledge about Islam.

The event will be followed by a screening of the Indian drama “My Name is Khan.” This is a touching film that tells the story of an Indian Muslim with Asperger Syndrome, who embarks on a long journey to fight with social prejudice and injustice.

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