Sunday 10th may be just a regular Sunday for many of us, but not for the Chinese people. It’s Chinese New Year, the Year of Snake and you are all cordially invited to attend this festival. We, Culturae Mundi are celebrating this momentous occasion in association with the Chinese Students and Scholar Association, this Sunday at 6pm at the Hub.

Written by Iffat Malik

It’s time to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the same enthusiasm and gusto as last year. . All Our attention is set to making this event just as remarkable and beautiful. It will be a tremendous occasion with a stunning fashion show, a poetry reading and a band performance.

Red is the color of celebration, happiness and good luck in Chinese culture and we’ll be decorating our venue as such. And yes, for all you foodies out there, we will be serving a superb array of Chinese food.  We will be featuring much more on the day, so do join us.

We celebrated this event last year and it was a remarkable one, it’ll be an amazing night this year as well as one you cannot miss. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday 10th February.  See you at Square One in the Hub at 6pm on Sunday the 10th!

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