Get Involved

Are you looking for work experience? Do you have a professional module you need to do or a final year project that you don’t know where to start?

CUtoday may just be the right platform for you. If you have ideas and are willing to develop your skills please see the help we could use below:

DESIGN: CUtoday is looking for a Graphic Design student ready to play with CSS &co to give it that extra touch which brings news to life.

PROMOTION: Cutoday needs an Advertising student to tell everyone through the use of Photoshop &co what it is and what it can do.

CONTENT: Coverage of everything and anything ­ is welcomed.  Photos as required, videos and audios are still optional. Help CUtoday grow alongside your portfolio. So whether you are on the Media Production, Journalism or CCM or even from another course,please get in touch with our editorial team.

ANY other ideas that you have are welcomed.

If your interested in joining our editorial team, please contact us.

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