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The Changing Face of Coventry

Since the 1950s Coventry has been developing parts of the city. It began with the re-building of the centre including the Cathedral after the Blitz. The redevelopment and regeneration is continuing still, sixty years on. The latest plans, City Centre South, are for a £300 million regeneration project in which a large part of the city centre is to be redeveloped.

In February, plans for the new development were being submitted for planning permission with a decision to be made by Autumn 2012. This regeneration attempt would include; Bull Yard, Shelton Square, City Arcade, Barracks car park and Hertford Street. The regeneration would also focus on the market area. Andy Mclain, a sweet stall owner in Coventry Market thinks it’s possible the regeneration will improve Coventry and: “Hopefully it will make it (Coventry Market) busier, attract more people from Birmingham and other places like that.”

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