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@CU_TodayNews – Follow the tweets!

Every person or business seems to have a Twitter nowadays, and CU Today is no exception. @CU_TodayNews already has hundreds of Coventry students, Post-grads and Journalists following the daily posts.

Posts include published and updated articles, featured work from previous years, and an easy way to interact with the Editor and other followers. All questions, through tweeting or direct messaging, will be answered almost immediately and information on CU Events such as the Coventry Conversations series are displayed immediately and accurately. Furthermore, ‘Live Blogging’ of events or guest speakers are readily available, with additional photos and videos accompanying the events of the day.

If you are a Coventry Journalism student, you are able to get involved and gain access, or use hashtagging’ to report your own live blogs of events. This will be published or retweeted to the public with credits going to you for your portfolio. Email the Editor if you wish to take part.

With the holidays now in full swing, there’s far more time to get social networking and be ready for the second term with information and article ideas. Click the link here to follow.

Jon Dudley – Editor.

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