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CU Today Now Has A Twitter – And 120,000 Viewers!

This week CU Today hit a landmark of 120,000 viewers to the website, a phenomenal achievement for a university online news service. Due to the hard work of five different editors, spanning just over two years, the website is now recognised as a leading news service for students and Coventry locals, potential students, and those with Chinese connections.

In order to keep as up to date as possible with the Journalism world, CU Today now has a Twitter, which can be found through the tag of @CU_TodayNews. Similar to other news and Coventry University networks on Twitter, @CU_TodayNews aims to provide immediate updates as to what is happening on the website, such as newly published articles, hot articles to read and articles that should be revisited. Furthermore, it will offer the chance to give constructive feedback directly to the website, or promote your own articles which were submitted, without the need to create a WordPress account and share separately online.

Writes Jon Dudley…

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Twitter, A Journalists Dream Tool

Twitter, the website which created the art form of turning peoples opinions and lives into 140 characters of published content, should be recognised by Journalists and other students as a haven for information and advertisement.

As a second year Journalism and Media student myself, I have two main problems with my work – Finding quotes and information, and persuading people to read the fruits of my labour. I am not alone, not within my course and not within Coventry University, as it seems every student that needs to advertise what they have has a difficult task ahead of them. The problem is normally the simple fact that it is difficult to reach a target audience, as I can’t run through the city centre with my articles aloft yelling at people to read what I have, or post up on Facebook what I have achieved. Facebook has an audience, certainly, but friends and family posting that they ‘Like’ what I have written can only get me so far. Twitter, therefore, is the answer.

Writes Jon Dudley…

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