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Investigative Journalism – Dead Or Alive?

Coventry University Senior lecturer John Mair and Richard Lance Keeble have edited and compiled a book featuring over thirty chapters written by some of the best people in the Journalism and Media world. The book, entitled Investigative Journalism – Dead Or Alive? gives stories and advice from journalists with work ranging from ‘how to write an article’ to ‘how the media warned America about 9/11’.

CU Today is giving students and other readers a chance to view some of the most relevant articles to the website courtesy of John Mair, and these articles will be published over the coming weeks until the Autumn term begins once more. Investigative Journalism can be purchased for £17.99 (at time of publishing) via Amazon by clicking this link.

The writers featured include:  Bob Woodward, Donal MacIntyre, Mark Daly, Paul Kenyon and John Ware of the BBC’s Panorama, Pulitzer Prize-Winner David Cay Johnston, Paul Bradshaw, Philip Knightley, Adrian Quinn, Kevin Marsh, Eamonn O’Neill and John Tulloch. Sher Baz Khan looks at the troubled state of investigative journalism in Pakistan, Homson Shaw and Hugo de Burgh focus on China, Daniel Ruiz and Neil Fowler, with students Sean Carson, Shane Croucher, Tom Farmery and Sean McGrath also contributing.

For futher information, contact John Mair via his email – aa0321@coventry.ac.uk.

Written by Jon Dudley – Student Editor.

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