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How countries work

We take it for granted, living in the UK and having our local Tesco’s open on Sundays and even bank holidays. The sales start on Boxing Day – doors opening at 9 a.m. latest – whether or not you have the money to spend. But people on the continent aren’t always so lucky.

 In France they like to work little, play hard and strike harder, where it hurts most. I mean, of course, industrial action.  In France you will find the precious little amount of time left to work is being spent devising cunning plans to shorten it even more: plan a strike, invent a bank holiday.

 To make up for it, their shops are usually open until 8 p.m. and on New Year’s Eve the tube is free for anyone, not like in the UK where the tube is dear and shops start pulling their shutters at 5 p.m.

If in the UK the winter break for students lasts until January the 9th, in France they start realise they have taken the game a bit too far and they have serious scruples about resuming work and university courses on the 2nd.

 Written by Diana Popovici

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