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The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial- Have a preview through the Guardian….

‘The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial’ is about exactly what is says on the cover. It is a book all about one of the biggest scandals journalism has ever seen. A scandal which has seen people involved imprisoned, a newspaper being shut down and a long inquiry into media ethics by Lord Justice Leveson, which has further led to the closure of the Press Complaints Commission.

It is a scandal which is reshaping print journalism and caused the loss of so much trust from the public. The book gives an insight to the whole hacking ordeal and has information about everything which has gone on so far and is written by numerous industry professionals and Masters students and is edited by John Mair, Coventry University Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Professor Richard Lance Keeble, Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln.

Written by Alex Maidment

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As Lord Leveson seeks a phone hacking resolution, Kevin Marsh already has the answer

The current discussion of phone hacking takes many forms. Everyone is talking about it but no one is doing anything. With respect to Lord Leveson and his phone hacking inquiry, nobody has (yet) come up with a serious solution. The Hacked Offcampaign have one ready to be put in place.

Kevin Marsh spoke at John Mair’s Coventry Conversation about this and he came out of his corner swinging. The sizeable public outrage at the News of the World has left some paper’s cowering in the shadows, worried for their lives but the former Editor at the BBC College of Journalism turned the spotlights on them.

“You will hear tabloid editors take leave of the world of human decency – as Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre did at the Leveson inquiry – trying to defend what they do. Claiming it’s in the public interest. Asserting their freedom of expression. Standing on their right to expose corruption and hold power to account.”

Marsh describes this act as “hypocrisy of the most sniveling sort”.

Written by Huw Hopkins – MA Journalism Student.

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Investigative Journalism – Dead Or Alive?

Coventry University Senior lecturer John Mair and Richard Lance Keeble have edited and compiled a book featuring over thirty chapters written by some of the best people in the Journalism and Media world. The book, entitled Investigative Journalism – Dead Or Alive? gives stories and advice from journalists with work ranging from ‘how to write an article’ to ‘how the media warned America about 9/11’.

CU Today is giving students and other readers a chance to view some of the most relevant articles to the website courtesy of John Mair, and these articles will be published over the coming weeks until the Autumn term begins once more. Investigative Journalism can be purchased for £17.99 (at time of publishing) via Amazon by clicking this link.

The writers featured include:  Bob Woodward, Donal MacIntyre, Mark Daly, Paul Kenyon and John Ware of the BBC’s Panorama, Pulitzer Prize-Winner David Cay Johnston, Paul Bradshaw, Philip Knightley, Adrian Quinn, Kevin Marsh, Eamonn O’Neill and John Tulloch. Sher Baz Khan looks at the troubled state of investigative journalism in Pakistan, Homson Shaw and Hugo de Burgh focus on China, Daniel Ruiz and Neil Fowler, with students Sean Carson, Shane Croucher, Tom Farmery and Sean McGrath also contributing.

For futher information, contact John Mair via his email – aa0321@coventry.ac.uk.

Written by Jon Dudley – Student Editor.

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Mirage In The Desert – A Huge Coventry Conversations Event

Coventry Conversations, the well known and well respected talk session with some of the greatest minds of the Journalism and media world, is set to host one of its largest events to date.

On June 15th, the Ellen Terry building will play host to the following speakers;

Kevin Marsh, the former editor of ‘Today’ and ‘The World At One’ who has won several Sony Awards and is now the Editor  of the BBC College of Journalism since 2006.

Jon Snow, the familiar household name and face for Channel 4 news, who has won many awards and produced special programmes and is currently a Professor for Coventry University.

Writes Jon Dudley…

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Investigative Journalism – Dead or Alive?

Many high-profile journalism names joined the list of ‘Coventry Conversations’ speakers on March 9th.

Among others, such figures as ‘Macintyre Undercover’ series star Donal MacIntyre, ‘The Secret Policeman’ Mark Daly and ex-Sunday Times editor Sir Harold Evans visited Coventry University to discuss the past, present and future conditions of investigative journalism.

Kevin Marsh

Presenting the event, titled ‘Investigative Journalism – Dead or Alive’, was Kevin Marsh- executive editor of the BBC College of Journalism.

Paul Lashmar introduced a scene-setting fact as one of the first speakers to contribute to the discussion: the 1980s saw around 150 working investigative journalists, 2008 saw “fewer than 90″. Compared to 30 years ago, the numbers have dwindled somewhat. So, it may not be dead, but is it dying? Apparently not, says Lashmar who nods to the recent WikiLeaks as a contemporary example of investigative journalism making big headlines. Although it can’t be considered a “Watergate moment”, “it’s drawn more people to investigative journalism than I’ve seen in donkeys years”, he adds. Writes Ryan Manders….

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‘Afghanistan; Are we embedding the truth?’ Confirms Speakers

ON THURSDAY some of the biggest names in journalism will be descending on Coventry University to discuss the issues surrounding coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan. Now the speakers’ have been confirmed, the BBC will be streaming the event live and the stage is set to begin questioning the British media and their coverage of the Afghan conflict. Continue reading

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