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Can Coventry Conversations conclude Cameron & Coulson Controversy?

“The North Korean’s couldn’t come up with better propaganda than the Murdoch’s.”

Nicholas Jones, famous for his previous political reporting at the BBC, described one of the Sun’s many iconic front pages. May 5th 2005 sees Tony Blair and Gordon Brown spliced in to two Manchester United football tops featuring the headline “Come on you Reds!”

When looking at how loyal Murdoch’s signature paper was to the Labour party during Blair’s run as Prime Minister, its tough to imagine that this is the same paper David Cameron occasionally wrote for and stands by to this day, despite the incredulous fall from grace the Murdoch family is currently undergoing.

It illustrates the point that Jones made earlier in today’s Coventry Conversation; for years the Prime Minister was so fearful of Rupert Murdoch and his army of media that they would dance to whatever music the fallen media baron played.

This is the effect that Andy Coulson had, or even has on the current Prime Minister. His link with Rupert Murdoch helped secure British public support of the Conservative party leader. The effect the ‘Red Tops’ have had on the country is undeniable; their persistent campaigns have changed laws – the campaign for ridding the country of plastic bags was a success within 3 days; they topple high-level officials – the Baby P debacle cost the jobs of at least five Haringey Council Staff; and they win and lose elections for Prime Ministers – Neil Kinnock never did get a chance to turn out the lights.

Written by Huw Hopkins – Student

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The Prime-Minister’s reliance upon an Ex-Editor – Nick Jones

“The British tabloid newspapers are very addictive.”- Nick Jones

Why is it the most powerful politician in Britain had to rely on an ex-editor? What did Cameron know about the phone hacking scandal being his close relationship to Andy Coulson? Nick Jones, an Author and former BBC Political Correspondent, explained all at a recent Coventry Conversation.

Nick started by talking about one of the biggest powers behind the papers and the media, Rupert Murdoch. He described Murdoch as: “The most promiscuous newspaper proprietor of all.” This referred to the fact that Murdoch has changed his political view numerous times over the past thirty years. Murdoch supported Thatcher and the Conservatives in the eighties and this was shown by his papers backing up all her policies and campaigns. It was his support for Thatcher that led to the expansion of News Corporation as she supported the takeover of the Times in 1981 and also supported the set up of BSkyB who are the richest Television Organisation in Britain. He then in 1997 started supporting Blair, who was Labour and his papers published ‘Vote Labour Today’ with pictures of Blair and Brown as if they would change everything.

Written by Alex Maidment – First Year Student.

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Inside the biggest piece of Broadcasting – The Election Night

A first for British politics: Live BBC results will be projected on to Big Ben

IT’S QUIET NOW. You can hear a pin drop. In twelve hours time it will be organised chaos. I am the BBC TV ‘hub’ in Belfast getting ready for the biggest night of not just politicians’ lives but broadcasters’ too. Tonight it is General Election result night and we’ll be live on BBC One and Two for hours on end bringing predictions, results and analysis to the British people and to those further afield, reports John Mair from Belfast. Continue reading

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