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Time for change…

Ex- CU Today Editor, Jon Dudley, recently retired his role as Editor of CU Today. Jon did a great job of keeping the site going and it is with many thanks that we say goodbye to Jon as Editor.

It is however time for change.

The new academic year is fast approaching and with a new team of Editors, CU Today will hopefully continue to thrive. The names and contact details of the new editing team will be published shortly so watch this space!

Some of the new ideas which the team is looking to implicate are:

  • A team of writers/ contributors who will each have a responsibility to create content and meet deadlines creating a more professional atmosphere for CU Today, these contributors will report back to one member of the editing team who is also there to help out
  • More digital content! The platform can take videos, photos, music, soundbites. Lets make use of this, not only will it increase the number of viewers, it is also a great outlet for Coventry University students to show off their work
  • More university-wide stories. We want to involve all of the departments around the uni as there is always something going on in the different departments and it would be great to get that out there.
  • Freelance contributors, whilst we feel a proper contributing team would be great to keep content fresh and constantly uploaded, we still want people with good contributions to send in their stuff.

There are many more ideas to come so please watch this space and if you have any ideas for how we can keep CU Today thriving or if you are interested in contributing, please leave a comment or e-mail Alex Maidment: ajm_maidment@btinternet.com or maidmena@uni.coventry.ac.uk.

Remember, CU Today is your outlet! Let the world know what Coventry University students can do!


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