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A Lesson on Commentating…

Rob Nothman, Sports Broadcaster and Producer for over 25 years came to speak to the Journalism students of Coventry University.

The talk started with an introduction about commentating and about how it is an important part of radio. Rob told the audience that: “It’s about your audience.” And that audience is one of the most important things to think about when. It is vital that as a commentator, you think about who you are commentating for.

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Culturae Mundi is Celebrating Diwali!

In association with CU’s Hindu society and the Bollywood Society, Culturae Mundi will be celebrating Diwali next week.

Diwali, commonly known as the festival of lights, carries great spiritual significance for Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs all over the world. It is usually observed for five days; we will be having a packed evening commemorating Diwali on Monday the 12th.

It promises to be a superb event with a great array of Bollywood music and dancing, candle lighting and fire lanterns. You can also expect a stand for artistic henna application and as well as some prayer. We will be topping it off with a great meal as well.

It’s a night not to miss, right here on campus at Square One. Do join us for a wonderful evening starting at 6pm at Square One, Monday the 12th. We’ll see you there!

Written By Amel Guettatfi

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Come and Celebrate Eid with Culturae Mundi


A billion people around the world practice Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. Coventry itself is home to thousands of Muslims from a diverse array of backgrounds. In celebration of the upcoming Eid al Adha, commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael, Culturae Mundi will be hosting an Eid evening on November 1st at 5 pm at Square One.

The event will include an exciting and informative speaker, an exhibition, and of course food reflecting the multicultural background that Islam universally stems from.

This evening will be great for anyone interested in learning something new as well as meeting different people. The event is open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Do join for Eid celebration on November 1st at 5pm at Square One.

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Culturae Mundi takes on a trip to Liverpool

It’s barely 2 weeks from our first 2012/2013 event but we’ve already started with the exciting activities at full speed! The last one being on 13th October when we visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool as a part of the ongoing Black History Month.

I hope and believe naively there’s no person in the world who has never heard of the native African population that has been colonialized and literally enslaved by Europe and America for long decades of fights over lands, gold and resources. Still, it is a world of difference between reading about such things in your student book or watching a documentary and getting such real taste of it like the one you are given when visiting a quality museum.

Written by Iva Kostadinova, second year student
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Opening celebration of Black History Month

The long expected Black History Month finally kicked off! On 11th October at the traditional venue, Square One, the Hub, the start of the annual celebration of stripping the chains of slavery for good was put with songs, jokes, rhymes and some educational and curious stories on African heritage. However, the excellent show was only the beginning of several events you don’t want to miss.
By Iva Kostadinova, Second Year Student

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Black History Month coming to CU

October first marks the start of black history month, a yearly occurrence that celebrates and remembers the legacy of black history, past and present.

Along with the African Caribbean Society, the Culturae Mundi is hosting three very different events to mark the month.

Kicking the month off on October 11th is a lecture with a twist. For £3 in Square One you can enjoy a night that includes a steel band, a choir, poetry and two lectures on black achievements and black civilisation that will be followed by a DJ and some snacks.

Following this on October 18th a movie night will be held in Square One. The movie is yet to be confirmed but you can find out more information via regular updates on the Culturae Mundi website and twitter or facebook page.

The month is then rounded off on October 26th with a relaxed evening of music, ethnic food and dancing. This will be a ticketed event of £3 and will be held at Jam Rock on Far Gosford Street.

Each event offers a different kind of celebration and outlook on the month and there is definitely something to suit everyone.

For unmissable experiences marking some of the most important hallmarks of civil rights history, make sure to check us out on Facebook and twitter to join us in celebration and commemoration.

By Bryony Gundy

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