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Sunday 10th may be just a regular Sunday for many of us, but not for the Chinese people. It’s Chinese New Year, the Year of Snake and you are all cordially invited to attend this festival. We, Culturae Mundi are celebrating this momentous occasion in association with the Chinese Students and Scholar Association, this Sunday at 6pm at the Hub.

Written by Iffat Malik

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Celebrating the Chinese culture at Coventry University

There are many Chinese students studying in Coventry University who can’t go back home to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families. However, Coventry University gives them the opportunity to celebrate Spring Festival right here in Coventry.

Ji Jing, a Chinese student studying in Coventry University said: “we study here and we see Coventry as our second hometown. Spring Festival is very important in our culture, and I’m so happy that some friends got together to celebrate it.”

The university sends post cards to all Chinese students to wish them happy a Chinese New Year, and they also organize a party for all students to celebrate. It is a good way to spread the Chinese culture among students at the university. They get together to have a big meal and to watch the “Spring Festival Gala Evening”. It gives all students the feeling that they have returned to their hometown to have a warm and happy new year. Writes Shuxian Lai…

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