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From “Clunky Motorola radios” to Twitter: A brief account of Jon Snow’s reporting journey

“The social network is on fire. Despite Egypt’s best efforts, the revolution is
under way. Whether it ends in Mubarak or no Mubarak, the movement for
change travels on the shoulders of the web,” blogs Jon Snow, the Face of
Channel 4 News, from Egypt’s capital, Cairo. Snow published this
comment as soon as the telephone lines and internet connections
were reinstated in the country, on 29 January 2011, after more than 48
hours of “blackout”.
Writes Teodora Beleaga…

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Jon Snow returns to Coventry Conversations

Jon Snow, one of the most respected and recognisable faces in news broadcasting for over twenty years, and visiting lecturer for Coventry University, is returning to Coventry. On Monday 28 March he will be talking in the ever popular Coventry Conversations series in an event entitled: ‘Hacking into the unknown, the challenge of covering the Japanese Tsunami’, and this features his views and accounts of the disaster that happened earlier this month in Japan.

His original talk on his accounts in Egypt, planned for Wednesday 2 March, was cancelled due to an emergency interview with the Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The Coventry Conversations talk will be held from 9 am in the Ellen Terry Building, room G34, and is free for all general public.

Writes Jon Dudley…

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‘Will he hug me or stab me?’ Jon Snow in Coventry

Get some first hand details about the Egyptian revolution on Wednesday, 2 March at 9.00am. Channel 4 news presenter, Jon Snow will share his experiences from Egypt at the Coventry Conversation titled ‘Will he hug me or stab me? Reflections on the Egyptian Revolution’.

This special Coventry Conversation will take place at the Ellen Terry Building, Room G34.

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Making a Difference – Tamara Abood in Coventry

Tamara Abood, commissioning editor of news and current affairs on Channel 4, talked about her career and the experience of producing dispatches, as part of the ongoing Coventry Conversation series.

Strangely, Abood originally trained as a solicitor, which she described as ‘’possibly the most boring job’’ she had ever had, before leaving the law eight years ago to join television. 

Since then she has worked for independent production company ‘Twenty Twenty’, where she directed the Emmy-award winning series Brat Camp, and ultimately moved onto the position she is in now, within Channel 4 news.

During the conversation she showed various clips of undercover dispatches and talked the audience through the difficulties and process behind them. Writes Rob Williams…

Channel 4's Saving Africa's Witch Children. Picture Source: http://www.abc.net.au

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Look Out For the ‘Cov Cons’

Interested in PR and what it’s all about? Catch Professor Trevor Morris of Westminster University when he talks about ‘Why Journalists need PR’ on Wednesday at 1.00pm in ETG34.

Also on the Coventry Conversations this week; Commissioning Editor Dispatches Channel 4, Tamara Abood will be at Ellen Terry on Thursday at 1.00pm. Find out what a commissioning editor does and how to sell an idea.

Next week catch more industry movers and shakers; Mark Wild of Animal Planet, Paul Watson (TV Documentary legend) and Peter Barron on Google and Privacy.

All this and more only on the ‘Coventry Conversations’, free and open to all.

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‘Keep your cool, but lose it if you must’: Jon Snow’s advice for journalists

JON SNOW has presented Channel 4 News for 21 years.He has worked in television news for more than three decades, always at ITN, but he is also the Visiting Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Coventry University.

What he does not know about making TV news and Current Affairs probably is not worth knowing and late last week, Snow passed on the wisdom of his years to young wannabe hacks at Coventry University. Writes John Mair Continue reading

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