A Step into Industry for the Journalism department…

Students on the Journalism and Media course spent two weeks at the end of December learning what it is like to work in the Broadcast Industry. First year students spent two weeks working as a Radio station, hosting live shows whilst the Second Years tried their hands at running a Television News Room for two weeks.

Written by Alex Maidment

The students each acquired a role, from presenters and reporters to producers and editors. Conor Deering, a second year described his role as a presenter as: “One of the most unique experiences of our course so far.” He also said that: “although it was extremely intense from the first to the last day, it was enjoyable.” Showing that hard work can be fun.

The news weeks gave an idea into what the Broadcast Industry entails. The news days started as early as seven in the morning and finished late afternoon. Everything was set up so that reporters were constantly out looking for stories and coming back with clips for both radio and TV.

Students were really pushed to the limit when they had to be out filming in the freezing temperatures to make sure they got the story to go on air whilst Editors had the pressure piled on them as they made sure everything was running according to plan.

After a stressful two weeks, everyone seemed to have a much better understanding of Broadcast and how it worked and everyone was grateful for the experience. Cathy Eglington, second year journalist, described her experience as a producer during the news days as: “Brilliant” and said that it had been: “A real learning curve.” Cathy also said: “I have a more clear focus of what I want to do now” after completing the two weeks.

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