Culturae Mundi Shortlisted for Coventry Community Cohesion Award

In recognition of its work towards a more understanding and inclusive society, Culturae Mundi has been shortlisted for a Coventry Community Cohesiveness Award. The three year old award, under the patronage of the Equalities and Community Cohesion Theme Group, Coventry Partnership celebrates this city’s rich heritage and its constant endeavor towards a more comprehensive community.

Written By Amel Guettatfi, Second Year Student

This Partnership embodies the very ideals of multiculturalism that Culturae Mundi itself strives to promote. We not only understand and accept our differences but we also celebrate them.

The awards ceremony, hosted at this city’s historic St. Mary’s Guildhall, included a variety of other groups and organisations that work towards this common goal of peace. The nominated groups including the Helen’s Women’s Project, The Coventry Language Cafe and Coventry Boot Camp were all central to Coventry and have had a great impact on the diverse tapestry that forms the city on both  a public and private level.

Culturae Mundi, under the banner of Coventry University International Experience (IEMS) is immensely proud of the hard work that has culminated in this nomination and will continue to work towards promoting further community cohesion.


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