Culturae Mundi takes on a trip to Liverpool

It’s barely 2 weeks from our first 2012/2013 event but we’ve already started with the exciting activities at full speed! The last one being on 13th October when we visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool as a part of the ongoing Black History Month.

I hope and believe naively there’s no person in the world who has never heard of the native African population that has been colonialized and literally enslaved by Europe and America for long decades of fights over lands, gold and resources. Still, it is a world of difference between reading about such things in your student book or watching a documentary and getting such real taste of it like the one you are given when visiting a quality museum.

Written by Iva Kostadinova, second year student

Can you imagine working daily at a plantation with no rest and mercy from your OWNERS and their whips? Can you imagine being severely punished with heavy metallic shackles and other tools for torture that not only will strain every fibre of your being to breaking-point but will brand your skin once touched by the broiling hot? However, the worst is yet to come: can you imagine being stuck in the hold of transatlantic voyage for months? Chained and starving you are expected to survive there lying along with the other dozens of slaves in your own excrements and vomits. My last question is: can you imagine something more nightmarish than this?

We were there standing just inches away from all those tools and vivid depictions of the everyday life of those misfortune people. In a specially designed dark room we were shown a 2-minute video of simulation the reality in a slavery ship’s hold. With the sound and lighting so realistic those 120 seconds were more than enough to leave us absolutely speechless!
Throw away all those Hollywood horror movies soaked up with blood and bowel, because horror doesn’t even begin to describe what has once used to happen in the world we are now living in! Yes, those torturers weren’t characters from a wicked blockbuster plot but actual people whose no less real blood runs through our veins!

Not only is it far more educational than a History lesson, but most importantly, it is highly instructive in terms of our human actions and attitude to our fellows regardless of their origin or whatsoever characteristics. After all, Past is the best teacher, isn’t it?

Find our photo album from our trip to Liverpool on Facebook:


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