Opening celebration of Black History Month

The long expected Black History Month finally kicked off! On 11th October at the traditional venue, Square One, the Hub, the start of the annual celebration of stripping the chains of slavery for good was put with songs, jokes, rhymes and some educational and curious stories on African heritage. However, the excellent show was only the beginning of several events you don’t want to miss.
By Iva Kostadinova, Second Year Student

The event started with a touching speech by the Black Minorities and Ethnic Officer, Dwain. He captivated the audience at once by referencing the prominent words of Martin Luther King from 1963. “Success is not a dream. It’s a possibility!”, he claimed and left the scene, embraced by the sound of applause.

The whole event managed to prove Dwain’s words. I believe this was achieved straight from the very beginning when the first performer stepped on the stage! The young lady seemed timid at first but once she started her highly emotional rap poem, the audience could see nothing but the eloquent picture she was drawing before our eyes with no pencil or brush. It was about the “caged mentality” that is still alive now, in the second decade of 21st century, but not because of the diverse cultures and races but due to the modern, commercialised and superficial society.

The event continued with a video lecture. Ivan Sertima unveiled recently found facts about Africa’s influence on the Western world. Did you know that Africa’s ancient population is responsible for a great deal of the medical discoveries? Did you also know that the same people could draw accurate maps of the Universe that were not much worse than the ones that NASA uses today?

Still, this doesn’t even begin to describe the event! There were even more rap poems, loaded with patriotism and free spirit as well as songs and of course, plenty of light-hearted jokes coming from the genuine MCs!

Once again, this was only the beginning! Who may guess what the upcoming Black History Month events may hold? Don’t rack your brain but come and see!


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