Coventry University celebrates Nigerian Independence Day

On 1st October dozens of Coventry University students and staff gathered in Square One, the Hub, to mark the 52nd anniversary of  Nigeria’s independence. In four hours they heard a lot about Nigeria’s history and culture as well as its contemporary representatives and their activities.

A great deal of the participants volunteering were actually students from the Nigerian society. As said by the MC of the show, “they volunteered as patriots”. Needless to say, the sense of patriotism was everywhere in the air. From the green and white flag on the screen in the background to the national anthem played at the beginning of the event and finally to the delicious traditional Nigerian food served after the show.

Written By Iva Kostadinova, Second Year

One of the major messages that the organisers tried their best to get across was that current Nigeria has nothing to do with popular Western beliefs that people in Nigeria live in constant poverty, use ancient tools and have never heard of US pop music.

On these lines, designer Temmy Akkani showed her own fashion line at the event. The colourful but really stylish clothes proved that Nigerian fashion together with the country’s culture is quickly evolving. Moreover, she showed that the African fabrics which she uses are far more attractive than those you might see commonly.

The event also featured lots of entertainment including a comedy show, dance performances, poetry, rappers and a quiz for remembering and pronouncing words and phrases in Nigerian.

Initiated by the Nigerian society from Coventry University, the celebration of Nigerian Independence Day came true supported by IEMS, British Council, the EU project ‘Youth in Action’, Culturae Mundi and others. It is the first international event for this academic year and the upcoming series of celebrations throughout Black History Month.



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