Thinking of bringing a knife to Kasbah?

Australian duo ‘Knife Party’ are set to play at the popular nightclub venue, Kasbah this Wednesday, in what the venue have called ‘the announcement Coventry has been waiting for’. The electro house/dubstep duo, founded by two members of electronic rock band Pendulum will be supported by Killsonik, Breakage and Majorlook who will be performing full sets on the night ‘in what promises to be the biggest party for the year’. After a great year for the duo, making their name with tracks such as ‘Bonfire’, ‘Centipede’ and remixes of popular Swedish House Mafia and Labrinth tracks, excitement is brewing up for their arrival across the city and Coventry University students have a massive night to look forward just days after freshers week sadly comes to an end and we are expected to actually do some work.
Written by Zain Luke Ali

However, not everyone is happy with Knife Party’s arrival. Wendy Tomes, Principle of Sidney Stringer Academy, which is located directly opposite the venue, has complained about the upcoming event. It has nothing to do with the type of music before you begin to wonder, nor the fact that it is to be on a school night and the school is worried pupils will be tempted to attend the 18+ event. No, it is in fact the duo’s name which is the cause for concern for the school. On the front of Kasbah hangs two large banners with the words ‘Knife Party’ directly opposite the school across the street in clear view of hundreds of school children every day. Tomes wants them taken down and has said in an interview with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire that ‘it sends out the wrong message and is irresponsible at a time when we are trying to raise a profile of reducing knife crime’. Tomes thinks although it is the name of a band, those who have never heard of the act may get the wrong idea: ‘We’ve got 1300 students walking out in front of those posters every day and many of them are young students, they don’t even know it’s the name of a band.’

In response, Kasbah promotions manager, Thanos Staikos said to the BBC he was ‘not sure if it’s a bit shocking or funny.’ ‘We’re one of the most responsible and safest venues in the city. We’re not encouraging people to bring knives to the club, that’s stupid. It’s the name of a band. We don’t choose and pick the names of the artists, there isn’t much we can do really.’

When speaking to Staikos, he told us he had no worries that the dispute will damage the venue’s relationship with the people of Coventry. ‘The good thing is that it might get people talking about the venue and Knife Party, and even act as a promotional tool for both. It’s a shame that it has caused this, but it’s something we can’t avoid, there will always be bands with names that can be taken the wrong way’. The announcement of the gig is a big thing for the city and is the talk of a lot of young people in the city. Staikos also said to the BBC, ‘in freshers week everybody was talking about it and all the students were really looking forward to that event.’

The duos music is targeted at young adults, and younger children and the older population are unlikely to have heard of them so it is clear why the name may cause some confusion and a dispute. The name has certainly got people talking about them anyway and clearly they know what they’re doing. There’s no such thing as bad press after-all and with the duo’s popularity quickly increasing, soon the Pendulum side project may be on the same level as the main project. The banners still remain on the front of the venue to the dismay of the principle. Let’s hope no one takes the name literally otherwise a fair few more people are likely to be rejected from the Kasbah than usual.


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