Cheap nights out!

Going out might seem like the most expensive thing in the world! There are just so many costs involved from the taxi to the entry fee and drinks inside (alcoholic or not). It all adds up. So many people seem to think that the more expensive the night, the better. This is not the case!

You can still have a brilliant night out without spending bucket loads of money because let’s face it, students aren’t made of cash. The key to a good, cheap night out is common sense. It is likely that during freshers, all this information will be ignored because people seem to think the best way of making friends is to go out and get bladdered with some people you’ve never met.

Written by Alex Maidment- Co-Editor and 2nd Year Journalist

First of all, getting to the venue of your night out, if you live in a city centre and can walk then go for it, it saves money but remember to stick in a group. One thing most people forget about when going out is the fact that they have to make it home, so arrange with friends to meet up when you all plan on heading home and save a couple of quid each for a cheap taxi ride home. If you are one of the more unlucky people who have to get a taxi to your venue then be smart! If you are going with friends then it is as simple as taxi sharing with them, this can as cheap as pound or less when you share (depending where you live). If you aren’t going out with your own friends then maybe ask a couple of people in halls or people you know (well enough that you trust them) if they are going into town and grab a lift with them. Again, it’s cutting the cost.

The next tip might sound boring but it is a perfectly valid one for making your night cheaper; don’t go out too late as some places charge more after 11pm or midnight. If it is free to get in then brilliant otherwise keep in mind that some clubs charge £5 or more just to get in. Also, check out before hand whether your local clubs, pubs or whatever allow NUS cards to let you in for a reduced price. Some places even let you in for free if it is before a certain time and you have an NUS card. Buying tickets for some club nights can also hugely reduce the cost so keep an eye out for cheaper tickets in advance. Also, remember that Kasbah night club normally let you in for free on a Friday if you’re in (proper) fancy dress, might be worth a try!

 Drinks are a tricky area to cover. Most clubs and pubs charge a fortune for all drinks including non-alcoholic drinks. Some student specific places will do better deals so just look around and find the cheapest most comfortable place for you and your mates. Also, if a club is doing two for a fiver (usual price £3.50 per drink) on the drink you want, either buy two and save one for later or see if one of your mates wants one, it can save a little bit but remember every little helps. Whatever happens, be responsible and have a great time without drinking too much!


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