Breakfast Show In Coventry – Brody Swain

According to the boring definition, he is a radio presenter at Touch FM. But for his fans he is the voice that wakes them up every morning at 6 am and charges them with positive energy for the day.  The third time guest at Coventry Conversations Brody Swain talks about his passion for the Sky Blue city and radio as a way of life.

Written by Galya Dimitrova

Thoughts On Radio

 “Think of the power radio is. You open the microphone and could do anything” says Brody.

To him doing a breakfast show is a “lifestyle”. He starts work far too early every morning, gets prepared before going on air, makes his own music mixes…. But persistence pays – now he is beloved by the dedicated listeners and often recognised on the streets of Coventry. The audience shows so much appreciation to his pre-selected music that he even gets emails saying “The music here is so much better. Thank God you’re back.”

“ Because I do a lot of stuff, I am recognised, but it is not about the ego”, explains Brody.

It is almost impossible to believe that he used to hate radio and quit in 2000 but soon got back because he missed it too much. Now he regards it as “the best medium” for sharing his ideas and thoughts with the public.

“If you are ever going to radio, it’s like you are going to talk to one person. You will sound more natural if you imagine somebody is actually listening to you”.

His attraction to radio changed even his personal life because he met his wife in a radio station. For Touch FM regular listeners she is best known as “the current Mrs Swain”. Brody explains that “small hooks” like that easily attract people and help building that personal bond with each of them.

Among Brody’s heroes are popular DJ presenter Les Ross and BBC 2 radio DJ Chris Evans – “people who have been on air for a long time” as he points out.

 In love with Coventry

 Until 2004 Coventry was just “that little place down the road” for Brody. Now he spends 90% of his time here. Apart from his work in Touch FM, he is a part of the city’s Olympic ambassador’s group and is a member of the local Rotary Club.

“People living here don’t realise how great that place is”, says Brody.

He says that working in Coventry is among the things he enjoys the most. Once he even dreamt of hosting the Godiva Festival.

“It’s chemistry. You can’t analyse it”, he says.

As a “part of the gang”, he is for the benefits of advertising the city. People who want to advertise in Coventry are more than welcome in Touch FM.

When asked how he would feel if someone offered him a better job in another place, he simply answers: “I’d miss the Cov stuff”.

For the time being, he remains faithful to the Sky Blue city and the love of his current listeners.

“I’ve got no plans to disappear” he says and adds  “I stay because this city gives me most confidence on air.” He advises all students who dream of a career in radio to get solid preparation for hard work.

“If you don’t love it, you’ll find it the most difficult thing is the world”, he adds.

But if you do, you might be the next Brody Swain.


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