Dream world animation from Coventry University student

A Coventry University student has created an animated film about a troubled young boy as part of Illustration Nation taking place in Coventry during June.

Alexandra Balan, 21, originally from Romania, shot ‘Pall’ in Iceland, working alongside Media Production student Laura-Jayne Meades and Teaching Assistant Ross Varney. When making this short film, Alexandra aimed to create a whimsical dream world where the main character, an eight year old boy named Pall, escapes from his difficult everyday life – an ill mother and a distant father.

An Illustration and Graphics student, Alexandra crafted the animation where Pall imagines himself as one of the cats he takes care of in real life – creating a place where he is free. In this imaginary world she was keen to capture the feel and atmosphere of the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, combining her unique artistic style and hand-drawn animation with digital colouring and effects.

Alexandra said: “My animation’s visual style combines the attributes of both the American and European schools of animation. It is not cartoony, but rather more artistic and, I hope, highly enjoyable for the audience to watch.”

Previously Alexandra was part of a group that created a backdrop animation video for the ska band ‘The Specials’, which was used during their concerts last year.

The film will be shown at the University’s Illustration Nation Show at the Graham Sutherland building, Gosford Street, Coventry, from June 2nd – 10th 2012, and has also been entered into the prestigious short film festival ‘Raindance’ in September and October.


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