Alex Crawford- Special Sky News Correspondent visits Coventry

Four times winner of the Royal TV Society Journalist of the Year award, Alex Crawford visited Coventry in a Special edition of Coventry Conversations to discuss her story in Libya. Formally based in Sky’s Dubai bureau, Alex has reported on the Gulf and the MIddle East, most recently covering the Arab  Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya.

Alex’s name became a household one when was the first reporter to broadcast live from Green Square as rebel forces took over Tripoli. Arriving in the capital on the back of a pickup truck with a rebel convoy, Alex’s reports were broadcasted to the world vie manually operated satellite signal and a camera plugged into a cigarette lighter charger.

Written by Tsvetomir Valchev, Second Year Journalist

Earlier this year, Alex and her team were the only journalists to get inside the besieged town of Ziwiyah when it was attacked by pro-Ghadaffi forces. It was this report that was credited with largely being responsible for the UN agreement to a no-fly zone over Lybia.

This year the Royal Television Society judges said they ” recognised the extraordinary achievement of not only Alex Crawford but also her team in getting unique access to the front line in Libya – in particular capturing the first  proof that Ghaddafi was attacking his own people. It was brave, vivid conflict reporting of the highest order: compelling viewing on a story of major importance.”

Sky correspondent Alex Crawford (on the left) with founder of Coventry Conversations John Mair (on the right) (Picture courtesy of Vlad Mares)

And here is a short audio clip of her talking at Coventry Conversations about her experience  in Libya:

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