See My Art, Feel My World

A recent CU event saw art lovers enjoying the smART exhibition in The Hub featuring the works of young and enthusiastic artists Romeo Bosna, Mara Mihalache, Alexandru Lupu, Constantin Malmare and Larisa Andreea Cocoara. smART’s “Show & Sell” exhibition was put together by Advertising and Media second years Mihnea Gheorghita and Andrei Baba, as part of their professional experience project.

Written by Galya Dimitrova

The interesting title of the expo stands for “show my ART, sell my ART” but as co-organiser Mihnea Gheorghita explained, the main purpose was to get the artists “out there for more people to notice”. He added that original art could be pricey sometimes, so although they did not have any particular costs in mind, their aim was to put an affordable price for each creation.

“I know some of the works were booked by buyers beforehand, and I’ve talked to people who showed interest today as well”, he said about the financial side of things. “It (n.a. interest) was definitely there, people came in with no expectations and left visibly impressed, which is something we’re proud to have accomplished.”

Mihnea described the works as “one of a kind” and the artists being able to blend together different styles at a time.

“They’re able to create that special, familiar feeling that you get a connection to the artist”, he said about the creations exhibited.

The works truly established a new kind of usage of the colours and shades – they were rich and saturated. It could be easily guessed which colours the different artist prefers – for example, dark ones like black and grey prevailed in some works. Overall, the paintings were static rather than rich in movement, and experimental shapes were used in a great deal of them. The techniques represented a harmonic combination between traditional and abstract. As Mihnea pointed out, “it is about how the artists felt it”.

The exhibition was not only a great opportunity for the university artists to reach platform but also for us to see some fresh and unconventional artwork and everyone who attended it must definitely be awaiting more from them in the near future.


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