Sport Behind The Scenes – Duncan Jones

How do you make an interesting football programme? It is not an easy question but it seems that Duncan Jones, BBC’s Late Kick Off producer, has found a recipe. Last Thursday he offered the audience of Coventry Conversations the story of his career in BBC some months before he leaves it.

Everything For The Audience

“BBC and sports journalism have been very good to me. But I wanted to do something closer to the audience and interact with them.”  said Duncan.

Written by Galya Dimitrova, First Year 

That is how everything began. His wish to give the fans something they will not see on any other show lead to the creation of Late Kick Off – the football programme that gives the audience an extra insight into the issues of the most beloved sport in England. Duncan pointed out that people deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes rather than observing the game only.

“There is more in football than just the goals and what is happening on the pitch” he said.

While all national media is “drawn by the top clubs”, Duncan tries to provide coverage for all the teams his audience is interested in. He gave an example with a short film before the match Cardiff-Leicester showing the material improvements that had been made in the team.

He describes the audiences as “appreciative”. He always knows what they think of their pieces, which is an essential aspect for him. Duncan tries to get “as wider coverage as possible in an entertaining and informative way”. Thus he engages the viewers with problems they are concerned with like the future of their favourite clubs.

In his words, “TV got sport on the cheap”. His team is trying to change it by being as creative as possible. The guests also play a key part:

“Get the right guests and you are halfway there”, he said

The Social Net

According to Duncan, The Late Kick Off definitely is definitely advantaged by Facebook and Twitter.  Whenever they want to get a feedback from the fans, they put a question on their wall and receive a lot of responses which Duncan finds “refreshing”.

“Social media has made it instant and as a producer you now know what people think of you immediately”, he added.

Duncan also said the show gets a lot of audience in the iPlayer. He regularly tweets about the programme to those who missed it.

Time To Say Goodbye

After more than twenty years in the sports business, Duncan feels it is time for him to try something different. Although he said he has no specific job in mind, he would definitely go for something that gives him pleasure:

“If I want to get a second career, I’d better do it now”, he said, “I want to do lots of different things that really appeal to me.”


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