Small Businesses getting the Shorter End of the Deal with the 2012 Olympics

Excitement is in the air as Coventry braces for the 2012 Coventry Olympics. The impact the Olympics will be having on the UK has been well advertised. What isn’t easy to foresee however, is the effect the 2012 Coventry Olympics will have on a local level.

Less than 200 days away from London 2012, Coventry will be the first British city to host an Olympic event this year. This July, Coventry Stadium will be home to the first men’s and women’s Olympic football matches of the occasion.

Written by Amel Guettatfi, First Year

A £50 million economic kick is expected to profit the city. A variety of contracts have been landed for the West Midlands worth £80 million. These contracts range from construction to cleaning and training. They are limited though, to major companies and smaller businesses are getting the shorter end of the deal.

Small businesses like “the Deli” on Earl Street in city centre are great examples of places getting these minimal benefits. Although the smiling face on a poster encouraging citizens to become Coventry Ambassadors belongs to the Deli manager, Leigh Maoudis, otherwise known as the “Deli man” is not allowed to take advantage of the publicity from the poster.

His hand covers the diner’s logo. “I would have liked to get some advertising; but it wasn’t allowed. If they changed Ricoh Arena’s name, what chance did we have?” Leigh says.


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