Colin Grant Author of I & I: The Natural Mystics

The most recent Media Coventry Conversation had Colin Grant, author and BBC Radio Producer, speaking about his new book; I&I: The Natural Mystics.

In his latest book, Colin Grant, a BBC world service producer, writes of Bob Marley and his Trench Town R&B crooner friends Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer and their group The Waliers.

With an empathetic and understanding perspective of what it is like to evolve from the music scene in Jamaica, I & I: The Natural Mystics sets the scene for the eventual solo performer, Bob Marley.

Written by Amel Guettatfi- First Year Journalist

To write about anything from Jamaica, Colin says you need to consider the impact of “colour, race and class” on your subject.  He discusses Marley’s roots and how perhaps being born to a white father, in his youth he tried to be “blacker than black.”

As Bob Marley and subsequently his music grew, he reconciled any struggles with his roots and wrote songs that “were not pop songs.” His music was a “biography of his life.”

It is only fitting that Colin would write a book about the group that gave birth to a man with so much “duendo”, a Spanish word that means the ability to do something with great spiritual inspiration.

He is completely in awe with “shaman” Bob Marley’s musical roots. He says that attending a Marley concert was like being “in the presence of a master performer.”

Bob Marley’s music crossed cultural divides while still maintaining its Reggae origins because in Colin’s words he was “just expressing himself” and his audiences relate.


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