Fine Art third year students to take an “Intermission”

Coventry University’s Fine Art and Fine Art Illustration third year students are “suspending their activity temporarily” to exhibit the work done so far, as part of their final year projects. As a half year show and also part of their professional experience, they will be holding an exhibition at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, next weekend.

The show will comprise in a display of a wide and various range of creations, from paintings to sculptures and even to art in video and print format. It is intended to increase awareness about Fine Art students’ Final Degree Show,which is to be held in June.

“ It is a great chance for us to show our work and make ourselves noticed ” says Kate Hawkins, one of the students who will have work on display.

She added: “ Artists’ life is harsh and expensive, so we strive and take advantage of any opportunity that we have to promote our work and stand out from the crowd.”

The exhibition is being organized entirely by students, all the required finances and effort coming from them.

Written by Catalin Preda.

Jenny Andrews, another student participant believes the exhibition will be a great success.

“ It’s been a real challenge for us to work as part of a team as, we artists, are on our own most of the time.

“It’s a self led project and we had to take care of every single detail in terms of organization. We’re really proud that we’re making it possible only with our own money and devotion and no support from the University, whatsoever.”

The “Intermission” exhibition will open its doors on Thursday the 16th at 1800 p.m. and will run all weekend at the Custard Factory, Birmingham.


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