Frontline: A Year of Journalism and Conflict

Nine Coventry University students from different stages in their studying journalism and media went to a trip to London on Tuesday, 17th January, to visit a Sky News exhibition and the main newsroom of the BBC Television centre.

The exhibition on the Arab Spring and how Sky News broadcast the shocking events in the Middle East took place in the Embankment Galleries of Somerset House. Large images on the walls, notes under them and a variety of filmed material told the story of the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. An approximately 8-minute documentary captured the story of Gaddafi and his last days. News reports from those thrilling days showed the fear, the torture, the protests, the battles, the joy and everything the Arab World went through in 2011.

Other documentaries contained the stories of reporters who were in the hot spots. The most impressive among them was the story of Alex Crowford who was trapped with her team for three days in Tripoli during the rebels there in August last year. She told that although she and her team did not talk about the possibility of death those days, everyone was actually thinking “I am not going to get alive out of here!”

Written by Galya Dimitrova.

The students and the leader of their group Professor John Mair spent an hour and a half at the exhibition and left to their next stop – the BBC building – at 3:00.

Where the news is cooked…

Walking through the corridors of BBC was more than exciting. The students could feel the hectic atmosphere of the newsroom and see some of the presenters who appear on the channel every day. The students were split into two groups and their guides Robyn Reese and Nick Garrold showed them the “disappointingly” small studios and answered all their questions about the ways broadcasting is done.

The tour ended with the guests from Coventry watching the 6 O’Clock News presented by George Alagiah live from the studio where the news package is worked out.

The whole trip was very educative and some students with more than good mood – hopes one day to come back as professionals and exercise their gift for journalism in the England’s most beloved broadcasting corporations.


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