A lot to look forward to this summer… The 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics are looking to be a huge national event where everyone should get involved. Coventry are lucky enough to be hosting twelve Olympic football games. Tom Clift, Operations Manager, 2012 Games, Coventry City Council, spoke more about it during a Coventry Conversation.

Tom is a Coventry University graduate and is former President of the Student’s Union. He has been involved in London 2012 since 2003. He began the talk by saying he is not a spokesperson for the Olympics and joked that he has nothing to do with tickets having asked how many people managed to get tickets from the audience, to which not many hands went up. Some impressive facts rolled of Tom’s tongue as he explained that Britain finished all the main 2012 Olympic venues around a year before the Olympics which he said was practically: “Unheard of.”

He quickly moved on to what Coventry and Warwickshire are doing during the Olympic games and he announced that the Ricoh Arena will host 12 Olympic football games, seven women’s and men’s. The Ricoh Arena will however be known as the City of Coventry Stadium during the 2012 Olympics because of advertising purposes but will be known as the Ricoh Arena again, straight after the games finish. The first Olympic football game to be played in Coventry will be on July 25th and there are still tickets if you want to go and watch.

Written by Alex Maidment.

Moving on from football, Tom also talked about all the other events that will take place around Coventry and Warwickshire building up to and during the 2012 Olympics so keep your diary empty. On July 1st, the Olympic Torch, which was created locally, will travel to Coventry and stay the night. The evening of July 1st will include a big celebration in Coventry.

Another thing to look out for is the Godiva awakens project which will see a huge, 10 metre tall, Lady Godiva walk to London from Coventry, it will be powered by a team of 100 cyclists and should take a few days to reach London. This event will take place towards the end of July on the 28th and will include lots of celebrations and performances.

Coventry is also playing host to one of twenty-two big screens which will show Olympic events. It is placed on the side of the transport museum and will continue to show local sporting events after the games have finished. One other thing to look out for which is yet to be released is an application for seven different platforms (Iphone, android, Blackberry etc.) that will give information about the Olympics in Coventry and will be updated regularly. After the games have finished the app will be used for general updates of things going on around Coventry such as local news. The app should also be free.
Something Tom Clift didn’t address during his talk is the fact that there are eleven Coventry and Warwickshire hopefuls for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics so be sure to keep an eye out and support your local athletes. The full list of hopefuls can be found at: http://london2012.cswp.org.uk/hopefuls


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