Merry Christmas! – Holiday Editorial

In my many months as Editor I have never written an Editorial before. Equally, I’ve never worked on a site over Christmas, so this seems a just reason to write up something quick.

This term has had many posts from fresh young first years to professionals from BBC College of Journalism and Sky new, and has featured articles detailing the work of Jon Snow, David Tennant, Dappy from N Dubz, and many professionals from Coventry Conversations. Next term will be more of the same, with more news on the build up to the Coventry Degree Show, work experience, and awards ceremonies across the university.

This is your news, from your student Journalists revealling what is happening in your university – a crucial source of information for all.

Enough about that anyway, this is also to announce that there will not be many posts over the Christmas period, due to reporters having their own holidays with family and the fact that there is less news during the festivities.

So, from myself to every reader and contributor – Merry Christmas and have a very good new year!

Jon Dudley – Editor.


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