Is there life after graduation?

Student life isn’t as carefree as it used to be. University fees will go up to £9000 a year starting 2012. High accommodation fees and poor chances of finding student part time work when the market is already saturated with unemployed people, victims of budget cuts, which are trying to find a job to support their families.

I am sure that many students, like me, look with apprehension towards the future.  Stepping out into the “real world” after University can be stressful time for many students. None of us know what is in store for us and what the future may hold.

I have asked Coventry University Students what they think  life is like after graduation, hear what they told me here.

Sam, a Law Student thinks that the key to finding a job after University is work experience. Fatima, Journalism students, thinks you have to start working from the bottom, to get to the top and James, studying Building Surveillance is afraid that not finding a job straight after University will mean that he is going to have to move back in with his parents.

Written by Diana Popovici

It is certainly a difficult time to graduate, but there it is important to know that help is available for graduates, to guide them through this completely new stage of their lives.

The University offers help with finding a job and improving your employability skills in their Careers Advice desk, located in The Hub.

If you are a 3rd year and finding a job is your priority, a lot of companies offer graduate schemes. Specialised graduate recruitment websites such as Target Jobs or Propects can help you find the right graduate scheme for you.

For those who feel they want to enhance their careers with a Master study programme, but can’t afford to so, there is help available as well. Master study programmes in Europe, at state

Universities, is usually free of charge. A good website that can help you find one is: A limited amount of Master study programmes in English are available in Europe, in particular Germany and the Scandinavian countries.  Studying abroad can have multiple advantages: you can learn a new language, understand a new culture and find great work experience. It will also make you more independent and self-reliable, qualities that employers do look for.

If you want to remain in the UK, certain scholarships are available for limited study programmes. A good website to search for them is:

Bottom line, as long as you make full use of the resources available online, your life after graduation has good chances of turning into your happy ever after career.


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