Number one rapstar Dappy to return to Coventry – CU Today Exclusive interview

Number one rap star Dappy is returning to Coventry Kasbah to perform for the second time, since May 2008. The controversial rapper is now pursuing a solo career and was eager to promote his upcoming tour and singles.Dappy, originally from the platinum album selling group N Dubz, visited the Kasbah unannounced on Friday October 4th and joined the public party goers. He seemed very happy to join the crowds and give an interview, despite a strong security presence advising against it. Backstage and away from the crowds he announced as an exclusive to CU Today that his tour would include Coventry and be named Rockstar, after his upcoming second single.
“I’m going to releasing my second single, Rockstar, in January. It’ll be different from No Regrets” stated the number one solo artist, “I have an eight bar riff from none other than Mr Brian May at the end, it’s going to be my second number one.”

Written by Jon Dudley – CU Today Editor

He continued by saying that his tour would feature “a melody of solo work and original N Dubz music” but would not feature Tulisa due to her X Factor responsibilities as judge of the show. Fazer, the third member of the rap group was unmentioned but has been rumoured to be in the studio recording his own work.

Dappy gained a large crowd during his Kasbah visit, but the star has received bad press previously and this was reflected by taunting from some clubbers. During the Chris Moyles show on Radio One he rang people who had text the show insults about him and threatened to hunt down one woman over the phone. Due to his history of being involved in fights, people who goaded him were told to leave the venue.

Local girl Chelsey Fray, 20, said: “I’m a huge fan of his, I’ve seen him live and at festivals. He shook my hand, had a photo and was the most decent guy ever. I didn’t even believe him at first, then ran back to him yelling his name and jumping about. Some people were insulting him but he seemed quite calm for a change – security dealt with people well anyway.”

24 year old Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, was keen to ignore his controversial past and let everyone know what to expect from his UK tour.

“This tour will be amazing, I’ll murder it. You know me.” He concluded.

Tickets will go on sale later in the month for the Coventry, available from the Kasbah website.


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  1. emma

    when will dappy be coming to coventry?

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