Greg Keane – From Coventry to Queenstown

Greg Keane, a graduate from the journalism class of ’09 made a return to Coventry University today to share his story on an eventful start to a career in the media.

Just four months after finishing his degree, Greg found himself in a position that thousands of media students across the country strive for. He had a job. What was extra special was that it was at Sky, the biggest television organisation in the country, and more importantly for him – it was on Sky Sports News.

Now, two years into his career at Sky, Greg spent a large part of his summer with the England rugby team, following the team around New Zealand in their bid for World Cup glory. However, unlike the two previous world cups of this decade, England’s campaign will be remembered for the off pitch antics, rather than heroic displays on it.

The infamous night at ‘Altitude’ bar in Queenstown was one of the main stories to come out of the competition, as senior players partied until the early hours of the morning. Greg was there at the bar to witness it all, and it was a fascinating account for the 50-odd crammed into the lecture room.

Written by Matthew Jones – Student.

He reminisced over hazy memories of chatting to the likes of Manu Tuilagi and Ben Youngs, the former who he said felt no obligation in “grabbing the bum” of a young girl at the bar, whilst the notorious ‘dwarf throwing’ was exhibited by various other players in attendance. When asked about what really happened in the bar with Mike Tindall and the girl known as ‘the blonde’, Greg insisted that “a kiss on the forehead” was all that happened between the two.

Although it was understandably a fantastic experience for the Coventry graduate, he maintained that the behaviour of the players was unacceptable and detrimental to the performance of the squad. He believed it was the lax respect the players had for team manager Martin Johnson, with Johnson trusting their responsibility, only to be let down. Greg recalled how the players knew him as “Johno”, a stark difference from the ‘Sir’ that Clive Woodward was known as by his players.

John Mair rounded off the talk asking Greg where he hoped the next step would take him. Presenting was immediately laughed off, as Greg spoke about possibly moving into an editorial role in the Sky Sports studio.

For many of the students in the room, Greg was the prime example of what can be achieved with hard work and a desire to get where you want to be. I, I’m sure like many others, was inspired to see someone doing so well having been on the same course as me just a few years ago.


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