Wolff aolins man-regional papers have a loyal readership.particular where the fish are.segmented approach to different people.facebook and twitter just marketing.
barron-advertisers have moved online.easily do not believe everything should be free.experimenting with all different models.
online advertising-diferent organistionas handle revenue generation in different ways
doug will man editor evening standard and the independent.all is mixed so who and whye keep it seperated.all departments integrated.are seprate teams the answer?
should teams fight each other within news organisations.
don’t regard online and paper as seperate.all part of the same thing.
brand retention-laura kunesberg brough up by alastiar stewart.
technology not a series of platforms but an sudience that engages in numbers of ways.
laura k brand enhanced by tweeting
citizen journalism going out under established it irrelevant
alice o’keefe twitter and facebook very conservative platforms.
are the distinctions made cldear enough-proactive approach of how include external sources.
consumer choice sites-are they paid for advertising?
tag lines differentiate real journalists from social media.
barron-not helpful to bundle it together.crowd sourcing doctors.



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  1. CU Today – Coventry University is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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