NI man says the Sun still selling well,John lloyd-papers as franchises.reason journalists give against statutory intervention.we hold power to account and get to the serve to self by hyper ventilating about the state coming in.have not underpinned our case for freedom.don’t do it enough.rebirth birth of ethics among journalists about what journalism is about..
clive jones-deal with denial.major collpase in public trust.story only reported because irt was a media story.statutory regulation now inevitabe.bring in won cide-readers editor,pcc which can hold people to account,power to order apologies.if newspapers don’t act there will be regulation.
neil fowler-regulation works in the regional there an element of revenge taking place.
alastair brett=lawyer with an interest in money.set up not for profit company last year ,statutory regulation works wonderfully in the construction industry.
tony jaffa lawyer with nointerest in money.three legged stool actually a chair with cfa’s


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