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second session
george brock-three legged stool.remind selves if lord justice leveson pcc plus the way to go without having heard the evdience.what trying to hacking shows some good journalism on the edge of the law.
what would life be like without the pcc-voluntary opting in not compulsory.think of public interest defence.editors terrified of statutory powers
john whittingdale mp privacy law solving itself,press regulation-proposal put forward in 2009.statutory regulation a real possibility but worse than the to avoid it?Press stanadrds agency needed.independnet pcc
charlotte harris lawyer for phone hacking victims.what will stop it is exposure.
public opinion think importance of crime diifferent to what happens in court
phine pcc up and remove photographers from trees,some papers have intelligent alwyers,in dispute with a particular newspaper.if pcc 2 people will think newspapaers got away with it.
keir starmer=interface beween criminal law and criminal in the right place?back to basics-investigative journalism been a force for good.MPs expenses and pakistani cricketers.Back to fundamentals.There ae limits.Public interest really important consideration..heavier fines for contempt and libel? Jeffries case very important for us..regulation works reasonably well at the moment.
john kampner-politicians in charge of freedom of expression is a very dangerous place,recent experience not trade off between libel and privacy.crucial danger in leveson-libel reform thrown into the leveson soup.
journalism rigth to investigate needs to be strengthened.pcc2-internal changes,pro activeity needed,
huw johnson qc-pcc 2 complete non starter.atmosphere of special pleading by the great and good.whey is the press in any different position to
Mps.Judges subject to statutory regulation.voluntary regulation give them public interest defences where currently do not have them.Pcc plus will not happen.asa model of statutory back up..tempt people into regulatory system.


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