runnymede day one/5

Rusbridger-something special about NI.Given in public life that had to have backing of the sun/notw.Wrong side of NI was a bad place to be.Company could destroy you if they wanted to.Murdoch wanted regulatory framework to suit bkyb.Be honest about how looks
Liz hartley-lawyer at associated newspapers.Concerned about leveson.
Heweltt mentions The Connection at Carlton.£2m fine.Rusbriedger ‘regulator did get to the bottom of it unlike the pcc’Hartley -phone hacking due to failure of three police investigations.No members on Leveson with real tabloid or mid market experiience.Limited range of expertise.Two hour visit no subsitute for understadning the pressures of a newsroom.Don’t think anything which is not covered
James Harding Times.No neat soudn bite no single statement.Lose sight of our readers.Knotty conversation about regulation.Problem in NOTW/NI visited on all other hacking
i.wrongdoing in the newsroom
ii.sponsored by NI.Why could not admit mistakes
what do about it ?Serious concerns-have we overreached?
PCC does not have the confidence of the public or the press>
Whole set of issues
a.privacy and public interest
b.compliance the desmond problem problem.nature of what is a newspaper changing


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