Runnymede day one/2

Hewlett intro ‘morning after the night before’.James Harding arrives late…leveson set up with grand ambition.trying to work out what problem is and what we do about it.satchwell done outstanding job.first panel
rusbrdiger-notw targeted 6000 people.three failed police enquiries-something went badly of connections between ni and met police.both did not tell the truth.regulator showed not to be a regulator.parliament proved to be ineffective.NI lied to parliament.Rusbridger continued-dk if broader cultural alan r the modern day equivalent of a saint?End of Murdoch testimony last week tom watson read out list of other private detectives,As industry more that unites us than seperates us.
Wallace editor of the Mirror.Murder illegal yet people still commit it.We are not all murderers.Don’t believe public think the press is broken.Tabloids selling lots of papers.Make mistakes.Have been excesses.Younger wild west aspects of fleet street prevalent.We need to be seen to be doing something


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