Chris patten BBC trust chairman .erudite carefully thought tru sppec
2 main messgaes and the bbc are regualted and they are happy with that.if they make mistakes then own up and learn. not regulated but self regulation not workinfg.needs beefing up and getting credibility
That message went down well her.
Networking is all .I ended up over the camapes with
1/the information commissioner
2/the secretary of the d notice committe
3.a former chief constable now on the pcc
4.editor of the scotsman
Even later a fasicnating discussion in the bar-where else-inspired by MIRAGE IN THE DESERT.BBC head of newsgathering,head of home news giving an ear bashing to steve hewlett presenter of the media show for his programme which dared to suggest the BBC got it wrong in libya in august.Continuous news vs build bulletins.Reporting versus packaging


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