CU Today reaches 140,000 hits landmark

CU can proudly announce hitting 140,000 hits this week, continuing its strong success rate as a trusted news source for Coventry University.

Under the watchful eye of Senior Journalism lecturer John Mair, and student Editor Jon Dudley, this website has grown over its two year life span thanks to submissions of hundreds of articles from students both past and present, guest writers, and a multitude of Coventry Conversation posts. The website also has a strong following in China due to many exchange trips, and even features articles translated from English to Chinese for overseas students.

With a complete redesign over the course of last term and a Twitter page followed by many, CU Today has evolved – and will continue to – over the next year, to keep up with the current styles of interesting and informative journalism. Despite a slow summer (due to less university news happening) CU Today gained thousands of hits in the holiday months, and we can only expect it to get bigger over time.

This year will feature many more high profile Coventry Conversations, events and media related news – including live blogging and more audio and video articles as time progresses. It is without a doubt that CU Today will reach a huge record of 150,000 hits in no time at all.

Written by Jon Dudley – Student Editor

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