Coventry University Loses Two Bright Stars

Over the summer the lives of two well known Coventry Students were lost.  Adeyinka Soboyejo and Olawakunlemi ‘Gospelz’ Teniola. On Thursday night the Coventry ACS hosted an event called Hope in celebration of both their lives and the legacy they have left behind.

Close friends and family made tribute to both young men in song and poetry. The night held essence of who these young men where to many, and how they have impacted and inspired lives.  The strongest element that shone through was that these men were truly loved by so many, many referred to them as being Angels.

Adeyinka Soboyejo was a caring friend to many, who saw the very best in others. Most people remember him for his smiley character, and the fact that he would go out of his way just to make others happy. Friend Susanah said ‘ Ade has always been a beautiful person inside and out, such a special man that would make you laugh when you’re down.’ Adeyinka died after losing the battle to Brain Cancer. Half of the money raised from Hope will go towards raising awareness of Brain Cancer.

Written by Arlene Simon

Olawakunlemi was a second year student studying Youth Work. He drowned while on missionary work in Brazil. Olawakunlemi was best known for his love of Christ. He lived for Christ and expressed this openly to all.  But what also shone through was his Christ like character, portraying love and care towards others. Friend Lizzy said ‘ If anyone showed love it was him, he was so loving, selfless and wonderful.’

The Part of the money raised from Hope will got towards a foundation set up in honour of Olawakunlemi. His family have named the foundation after him, calling it the Olawakunlemi Gospel Ministry. Their aim is to continue the ministry and outreach that Olawakunlemi started. They will focus on the less privileged, including orphans and widows. Providing for the needy, spiritually and mentally, and also spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The death of these young men has been a great loss to many, but they shall forever be remember for who they where and the lives they have touched. Rest in peace Adeyinka Soboyejo and Olawakunlemi Teniola.


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  1. minnie

    i dont understand what happened to the other guy? did they both drown?

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