ZUMC China Report – Week Two

This week has been another whirlwind.

It started at the weekend with another trip downtown, and this time we managed to navigate our own way there without the aid of any Chinese students giving us pointers. Most of us considered that a success! Meanwhile, downtown we saw a flavour of ‘real China’ and got to sample some street food such as chicken feet, squid and lotus root. Most was delicious, although the chicken feet were a little rubbery.

During the week we continued our first classes and continued to mumble our way through Chinese class with a few of us even impressing the tutor with our pronunciation of the tones. Needless to say that those students were made to order that evenings dinner.

The classes has certainly given the trip a new sense of purpose, and that the priority of this trip is to study and understand rather than have an extended holiday as it some times felt during our first week. The tutors are enthusiastic and are eager for us to learn about their countries culture and language, which can only be a good thing.

Monday was Ayo’s birthday so we celebrated, as the Chinese know best…  EATING. A few of us headed out to eat at a lovely restaurant as the food continues to amaze us. Day by day we find something all the more extravagant and delicious.

And finally, we rounded off the week by being invited to a musical show from a Korean university that Zhejiang University of Media and Communication has formed links with.

The Korean students performed at the ZUMC theatre and we all enjoyed their talents (even if we couldn’t understand what was being sung or said).

Written by Leon Emirali – Student.


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