Contribute to CU Today This Year!

While the summer holidays are inevitably lacking in university related news, the upcoming Autumn of new students and a new year ahead will provide many new stories and even more chances to contribute.

Whether you are a student entering their final year, or a ‘fresher’ hoping to make your mark in Journalism right from the start, CU Today offers you the chance to write up articles, provide photography and help with design for the website and Twitter. CU Today aims to feature work and articles on aspects of Journalism and the Media scene, aiming it towards interested students and public members alike, and as such we are very interested in articles around this very open category. Do you have a report on a Coventry Conversation or a Journalism conference? Do you know something happening in a department that we don’t? Are you going to create a vehicle of the future, or an exhibition for the world? By letting us know or writing the articles yourself, you not only expand the audience of something you’re interested in, but you build a portfolio of work and expand your CV by doing something extra.

The CU Today team for this year is currently Editor Jon Dudley, Photographer Jake Lamont, and Graphic Designer Adam McManus. Email the Editor, Jon Dudley, at, with any questions or contributions.

Writes Jon Dudley.


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