Ed Miliband Conducts A Journalists Nightmare

Labour leader, Ed Miliband, gave a BBC interview recently concerning the teaching strike that happened across the country.  Despite being given six very varied questions, he answered every one with an almost identical response. Constantly stating that ‘the government has acted in a provocative and wreckless manner’, and that ‘both sides should put aside the rhetoric, get around the negotiating table, and stop it happening again’, he dismissed any further probing from the BBC Journalist. This video was subsequently posted on Youtube, gaining mass criticism from the public towards the Labour party and reaching 150,000 hits.

Writes Jon Dudley…

Journalism and Media students should take note that many MPs, government officials and council bosses have a scripted message that they have memorised and wish to be listened to. However, blatant attempts to create an identical soundbite for BBC news such as this one can push the interview from informative to farce, and render the message, and sound clip, useless. In this instance, however, the scripted responses became so obvious that it was seen by some as insulting, and others hilarious – giving the interview little relevance to the teaching strikes but an entirely separate story altogether.


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